Places of worship

Places of worship

Sant'Agata al Carcere

Going up via Cappuccini until you find us in a small and pretty square where on an imposing fragment of the walls of Charles V, stands the Church that was built in front of the prison where the patron saint of the city

Sant’Agata church in Cremona

In Cremona, in the collegiate basilica of Sant'Agata, the " table of the angel"

The furnace

On the place where Saint Agatha suffered the martyrdom of fire stands a small church with a single nave.

The Cathedral of Saint Agatha

Original complex to which it belongs: Sant'Agata cathedral Year of construction: 1092; after 1693.

Sant'Agata La Vetere

Going up via Garofalo and turn left into via Santa Maddalena, where, as a background of a small square, we find one of the oldest churches: S. Agata la Vetere.